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I have bought several plants from Perky Planties. I have had a wonderful experience each and every time. Because of family issues, she has held plants for me or met me at unusal times. When a particular plant refused to love me back she was willing to trade it for one I knew I could grow. I trust her so much I've sent a couple of plants to her to foster and rehab for me. Amanda has always had beautiful healthy plants at a very reasonable price. I will always recommend Perky Planties!!

Rachell Matlock

I've bought many beautiful plants from Amanda. She takes the best care of her plant babies and is always so helpful with any questions I have. Perky Planties is a one of a kind shop!

 Kaitlyn Babston

I have bought multiple plants from Perky Planties. She is very quick to answer messages, and willing to meet at times that work for you for plant trading. Perky Planties is the real deal.

Kelly Pouncey

I’ve bought over 25 plants, of different varieties, and the majority of my collection, from Amanda @ Perky Planties over the past year and could not be more satisfied. Her plants have all been very healthy and I’ve had no issues with any harmful pests on any of her plants. Amanda obviously cares well for the plants she sells, and is always happy to answer my questions.

Laura Unger

I have purchased multiple plants from perky planties and every time they have been perfect! I refer everyone I know and now I’m telling you too! Just buy the plants they’re healthy and priced wonderfully. Not to mention the care that goes into them.

McKenzie Meadows

I was a first time buyer with plenty of plant experience having bought from others who sell there plants. I was highly impressed with how beautiful her plants were, no pests and could not be more satisfied with the quick service I received. Her pricing is also wonderful. I plan to buy alot more plants to add to my collection. I totally recommend Perky Planties to everyone.

Amber Ward

Every plant I have ordered arrived on time, and beautifully packaged. You can really see the care put into the plants .

Stephanie Cary

I have bought from perky planties for some beautiful plants that are always beautiful . Amanda does a fantastic job at careing for the plants she sells i recommend buying from her weather you are getting you lovely planties shipped or picked up . Amanda is also good at giving and answering care instructions

Tiffany Martin

I’ve bought quite a few plants from here and LOVED every single one. I’ve used both pickup and shipping and both ways were phenomenal and professional. All of my plants are in tip top shape. Definitely recommend!

Amber Hammack

I cannot count on my hands and toes how many plants I have bought from Perky Planties. Amanda is amazing & she is very knowledgeable about the plants that she sells. One time she provided me tips on how to sneak my new plants in the house without my husband knowing . I am happy to report that it was a SUCESS & I have since brought in multiple plants without my husband finding out! YAYY

Maggie Young

 Perky Plants is hands down Gold Star. As a fellow greenthumber, I am very impressed with how beautifully healthy these beauty's are ( esp my new ZZ plants) I love everything about Perky Plants & have been following for a long time & will continue. The Owner has done a very fabulous job with this business & a fabulous person she is as well! Thank You PP!

Mallory Andrews

Three Plants

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